The Federal Government is neglecting Queensland’s health.

The cost of healthcare for working people keeps going up. Our hospitals are full, and can’t get the funding they need from the Federal Government. Aged care is in crisis, and disability care is struggling to keep up with demand.

But when Queensland asked for more funds to deal with COVID-19, Scott Morrison accused us of a “shakedown”. 

Scott Morrison’s neglect of Queensland has made it tougher for those on the frontlines dealing with our health every day.

This Federal Election, don’t vote for a party that neglects Queenslanders’ health. Put the LNP last.

Scott Morrison’s spending on health care has not kept up with need or cost, especially while those vital community and support services like the NDIS and Aged Care are struggling. He won’t commit to properly funding public hospitals, or raising the Medicare rebate so more patients can access a bulk billed GP. He has no plan for the shortage of doctors, nurses, and allied health practitioners. He thinks the healthcare system is working perfectly.

That’s why I am urging you to think about health care when you vote in this Federal Election. Think about Medicare, think about public hospitals and think about your community.

This election, put the LNP last.

Dr Sandy Donald | Read Sandy’s full letter here.

Healthcare and the Federal Election